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U bolts: An industrial unit of universal utility

The U-bolt, as the name signifies refers to a bolt in the shape of the English alphabet U. The heterogeneous application of U bolts for a varied number of industrial purposes makes it an indispensable unit in the engineering sector, railways, automobile industry, construction firms, domestic and heavy engineering. In the automotive industry, the U-bolt is primarily used to clamp the leaf spring of vehicles and fasten them to its place i.e. the axle assembly. We are the leading U Bolts Manufacture in India.

U Bolts Manufacturer NDRAGOLD® Jagdambay : Your quest for high quality U bolt ends here !

NDRAGOLD® Jagdambay is a renowned U bolts manufacturer creating high quality U-bolts primarily to serve the automotive industry. Accurate dimension and precise performance are our motto while making U-bolts. As a steady U bolt manufacturer, our bolted joints are among the most common elements used in machine design and construction. They have fasteners that help to capture as well as join other parts. We have a variety of standard grades which are used in different applications. Known for their high tensile strength, resistance to corrosion, and precision engineering, Jagdambay U bolts can be used for a variety of truck and trailer applications, which includes light, medium and heavy duty trucks.

Because of our primary focus on quality as a U bolts manufacturer, we are very particular about getting raw material which would create durable and reliable products. We offer you a variety of U-bolts both in terms of grade (like Grade 5 U-bolts and Grade 8 U-bolts, where Grade 8 signifies increase in strength level over the former) and shape (like Round, square, semi-round U-bolt kits). Well torqued U bolt nuts greatly help in keeping the spring in good condition when they are attached to the vehicle axle.

The U-bolt is one of the most significant units which are used to put a trailer bed fastened in its place. However they work to their full potential only if they are torqued or tightened appropriately building the necessary tension. As a U Bolts Manufacturer , We can say that our products will help you to clamp your springs in the easiest, most economical and reliable way. We give both standard as well as customized designs of U-bolts meeting your specific requirements delivering them in time. All our designs and products are at par or better than the industry-standard, evolved through our long and dedicated service to our customers since the 1960s as a U Bolts Manufacturer.

For purposes of safety, it is essential to discard old u-bolt nuts. Our U-bolts are sturdy and available in higher grades thereby indicating improved camping of the leaf spring. If you are unsure of which Grade of U-bolt you should buy, it is advisable to go for Grade 8, unless it's used for four spring trailer suspension. So whether you want to hold the springs to the axles of your car, trucks or trailers, Ndragold® is your safest supplier & U Bolts Manufacturer, most economical and dependable choice as the best U bolts manufacturer.

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